60 Amazing French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

51 Amazing French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Though French country style has fallen out of popularity in recent years; being replaced by ultra-modern designs featuring abstract lines and bright pops of color, there’s something interesting about reconsidering the design style for the here and now. And since we think it’s time French country decor made a comeback due to its charming feel and warm spirit, there’s something to be said about going against the norm and opting for French country style in your home. From the more traditional feel to a more modern take on French country decor, there’s something to suit every home with easy style that’s timeless while radiating lived-in luxury.

As part of our design style series and to get you inspired for a romantic home refresh that evokes everyday provincial glamor, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers to help us craft the ultimate French country decor guide, which comprehensively breaks down everything you need to know about creating the perfect French country look with ease.

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