85 Beautiful Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

27 Beautiful Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas
Your porch is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors during the summer, and you can help make it an inviting area with the right summer porch decor ideas. As an extension of your home, your porch should not only be a place to sit and drink a cool beverage, but it should also display your personality.

Simply Plan
The first thing you should look at is the kind of furniture you need. Whether you prefer contemporary designs or rustic wooden seats and tables, be sure to make use of items that are both practical and comfortable. If you want to use cushions and pillows, it’s best to find those that are weather durable and can withstand sun, wind, and rain. Second, choose some kind of lighting. Lanterns for candles or battery powered fairy lights are good choices if you don’t have an electrical outlet handy. Finally, consider including lots of potted plants. Not only are most plants at their best during the summer, but some flowers and greenery go a long way towards creating an inviting and lively porch.

Don’t stay cooped up inside! The 85 summer porch decor ideas below will help you make the most of your outdoor living spaces this season.

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