80 Fabulous Summer Container Garden Flowers Ideas

65 Fabulous Summer Container Garden Flowers Ideas

Container gardens and pots create instant impact in your garden. You can grow any plant in a pot. You can use a pot as a focal point, to add instant colour or to grow plants that won’t normally grow in your soil. There is no limit to how creative you can be with gardening in containers, and there are many advantages to potting plants rather than transferring them into beds. You can grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables in containers on your porch or kitchen windowsill.

If you have a sunny spot on your patio, deck, or porch and or need an accent for a bright spot in your garden, a container garden is perfect for you. These flowering container garden plants are hard to kill and will thrive in container gardens in full sun. They are also lovely and common enough to easily find. Just because they are common, does not mean you cannot make them look spectacular in the right container.

Making choices about which plants will thrive in tighter spaces and selecting what pots to use can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, so here is a brief introduction to give you some container gardening ideas.

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