70 Adorable Shared Bedroom Kids Design Ideas

59 Adorable Shared Bedroom Kids Design Ideas

Oh, the joys of sharing a bedroom with a sibling! If you’ve ever occupied a shared space, you know the challenges of sleeping two (or more) to a room! Not only are there the logistical questions, such as how to accommodate twice the amount of stuff, there’s the issue of style.

When it comes to shared kids’ rooms, design challenges often result in a whole new level of creativity. People often say that it’s easier to design a space shared by children of the same gender. In some cases, this may be true, especially when the room’s inhabitants agree to matching comforters and elegant pink headboards with nailhead trim!

How do you design a space that’s child-friendly, visually pleasing and functional? We have collect 70 Shared Bedroom Kids Design Ideas. Enjoy!

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