50 Wonderful Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

46 Wonderful Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas

Mid-century modern style is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon with an aesthetic that’s ultra chic, with pared down, clean lines with an organic ease that’s very appealing. Common theme elements found in mid-century style are pared-down wood furnishings that seemingly have leggy focal points, brassy finishes, leafy vegetation and plenty of natural light.

This time period is all about comfort mixed with high-style, creating a seamless connection between indoors and out. Try to mix in other styles into your space so that the overall feel is not too stark and cold. A neutral color palette is the easiest to work with so that your space does not become overwhelming, where your eye travels everywhere (too many focal points in a room can be distracting)! Remember, this is your bedroom, the space you want to feel restful in. Try playing with textures in bedding, pillows, upholstered headboards, throws and area rugs.

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