70 Clever Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

50 Clever Tiny House Interior Design Ideas

Tiny homes come in dozens of architectural styles, from quaint little English, Victorian or country style cottages, rustic log cabins, miniature farm houses and modern, angular home designs. Similar to a standard size home, the architectural design of a tiny home tends to influence the decorating style inside.

The geometric shapes of a modern tiny home influence interiors with clean lines, lots of natural finishes, neutral colors and minimal accessories. Tiny home owners are also free-spirited decorators, inciting an eclectic, Bohemian vibe with exotic accents like Moroccan lanterns and colorful Indian textiles.

Transitional styles can also be found in tiny homes where industrial style light fixtures and corrugated steel wall panels share the same space with rustic, reclaimed wood flooring and contemporary prints or patterns on fabrics and upholstered cushions. Keeping a clean, minimalist look where everything has a place helps tie it all together.

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