65 First Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

46 First Apartment Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Before decorating your space, take the time to declutter. You’ll need all the space you can get in your apartment, so examine each piece of furniture and all of your décor to determine which items you really need to keep. Get rid of any duplicate items. The more you get rid of, the more flexibility you have to decorate your space.

When redecorating, it can be easy to splurge on eye-catching items, like those Anthropologie bed linens or Pottery Barn dishware sets. Set a budget for yourself. Allocate money toward items that serve dual purposes and areas that see a lot of use. If you don’t, those expensive wants will quickly take over and leave you with less money for decorating the more important rooms in your apartment.

One last tip measure your space. Buying the incorrectly sized furniture for a small apartment can make it feel cramped and overcrowded. Measure the square footage of each room and take precise measurements of stairwells, doorways, and hallways to ensure furniture will actually be able to fit into the apartment.

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